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hi! i’m molly page, a writer and chicago tour guide.

I’ve turned my passion for living life as a tourist into a career. Whether I’m exploring my adopted hometown or visiting a foreign land, I’m always up for a new adventure.
Writer Molly Page
lasalle corridor
mollypg in Chicago
mollypg in chicago

me + chicago

Chicago is the goal I didn’t know I was working toward. It’s the prize I never earned and the gift I didn’t ask for but desperately wanted. In this city, I feel more like myself than anywhere else. From the moment we unpacked our last box, I’ve devoured everything it has to offer. Though I’m  not a Chicagoan by birth, I’m definitely a Chicagoan by choice! I’m a devoted consumer of its culture and cuisine and a perpetual student of its history and architecture.

Working with Molly Page was a dream come true. She is one of the most exuberant, impassioned speakers I’ve had in a career of 20 years — to the point I’ve considered hiring her to be the life of the party at cocktail receptions. And she knows Chicago — a firecracker of the first order.

Mary Holloway
University Club of Chicago

here, there & everywhere
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