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Cautious Movements


The mob, driven away from the Custom House, had broken up into several bands, retreating across the plain in the direction of the town. The subdued crash of irregular volleys fired in the distance was answered by faint yells far away. In the intervals the single shots rang feebly, and the low, long, white building blinded in every window seemed to be the centre of a turmoil widening in a great circle about its closed-up silence.

But the cautious movements and whispers of a routed party seeking a momentary shelter behind the wall made the darkness of the room, striped by threads of quiet sunlight, alight with evil, stealthy sounds. The Violas had them in their ears as though invisible ghosts hovering about their chairs had consulted in mutters as to the advisability of setting fire to this foreigner’s casa.

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I may as well admit it, when it comes to travel, I’m kind of basic. In Venice I rented a gondola, in Norway, I climbed Pulpit Rock, and every time I visit New York, I make sure to visit Times Square. I may be all about bucket list travel experiences, but that doesn’t mean I’m not just as excited to discover secrets only a local could share. Whether I’m exploring Chicago or visiting a foreign land, I’m always up for a new adventure.

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here, there & everywhere