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She seemed to think that Nostromo’s mere presence in the house would have made it perfectly safe. So far, she, too, was under the spell of that reputation the Capataz de Cargadores had made for himself by the waterside, along the railway line, with the English and with the populace of Sulaco. To his face, and even against her husband, she invariably affected to laugh it to scorn, sometimes good-naturedly, more often with a curious bitterness. But then women are unreasonable in their opinions, as Giorgio used to remark calmly on fitting occasions.

On this occasion, with his gun held at ready before him, he stooped down to his wife’s head, and, keeping his eyes steadfastly on the barricaded door, he breathed out into her ear that Nostromo would have been powerless to help. What could two men shut up in a house do against twenty or more bent upon setting fire to the roof? Gian’ Battista was thinking of the casa all the time, he was sure.

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I may as well admit it, when it comes to travel, I’m kind of basic. In Venice I rented a gondola, in Norway, I climbed Pulpit Rock, and every time I visit New York, I make sure to visit Times Square. I may be all about bucket list travel experiences, but that doesn’t mean I’m not just as excited to discover secrets only a local could share. Whether I’m exploring Chicago or visiting a foreign land, I’m always up for a new adventure.

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here, there & everywhere